12 February 2014

Contest: Win A Free Bespoke Website!

Wouldn't it be nice to win a brand spankin' new website? That's why you should totally enter Moonfruit's Bespoke Website Contest to have your very own website created and designed by a top designer! Read on for more details.

Oh, Moonfruit. The drag-and-drop free website builder has come a long way--I remember using them many years ago to build quick websites for my forum post role-playing guilds and storylines because they offered better features than Webs.com (and still do, in my opinion). Now, after all this time, Moonfruit is still in the game and continue to help create beautiful websites.

I think it's safe to say everybody should have a website at this point, especially if they want to be a freelancer, show off their awesome skills online, or start their own online store. So, why not enter Moonfruit's Bespoke Website contest to win yourself some new digital digs?!

You can enter using the banner below or the banner in my Sponsors section.

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By signing up with Moonfruit, you'll have the chance to work with a top designer in a one-to-one consultation to create the website of your dreams and three years worth of a free subscription to boot! While I still believe people should learn the basics of HTML and CSS, Moonfruit is a great stepping stone to learn website design and managing your very own site.

What kind of dream website would you have? Mine would be for my jewelry!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post via etailPR Blogger Network with Moonfruit. All opinions are my own.

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