07 January 2014

Top 6 Nerdy Women In Fiction

Let's celebrate the smart and kickass ladies in fictional nerdom today! These are the smarty pants, the thinkers, the ladies with the smarts to save the day and deserve even more recognition as great role models. Who are my favorites? Check it out in this list.

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! I'm experimenting with "theme days" and I figure it'd be neat to have Tuesdays dedicated to science, technology, and all of that wonderfully nerdy stuff. To kick it off, here's a list of my top six favorite scientist and smarty-pants ladies in fiction.

6. Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time
I think it's amazing that a cartoon watched by both kids and adults has a positive role model who is both a girly-girl, completely pink, and yet loves science and being a scientist. Mathematical!

5. Lauren, Lost Girl
Okay, this is probably because I've been binge watching Lost Girl recently but her character is so interesting!

4. Beverly Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Yup, another medical scientist and doctor! I've always loved Crusher's hair on top of her being able to handle herself in stressful situations and be a reasonable single mother. Work it, girl.

3. Liara T'Soni & Tali, Mass Effect
Sure, Mordin was an amazing character but Liara AND Tali deserve some credit as well. Both of them are some smart ladies who could also keep their own in battle.

2. Felicity Smoak, Arrow
She's probably my favorite character in Arrow because of her witty comebacks and because she's a computer nerd. How can you not love that adorable face?

1. Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Batman Universe
And my number one is, drumroll, Barbara Gordon! Or rather, Gordon as her Oracle persona. After being shot and paralyzed, effectively ending her Batgirl career, Gordon didn't let that stop her from continuing to fight crime. Now, she uses her tech savvy.

Who are your favorite nerdy women in fiction, guys?


  1. Yay! Mass Effect, FTW! And I also remember being totally blown away by Bubblegum Princess the first time I watched Adventure Time. What a truly great role model for young girls.

    1. Heck yeah Mass Effect! I also wanted to add in Miranda too but my list was already getting way too long.

  2. great list! I love Beverly Crusher. My faves are Cossima, one of the clones in Orphan Black. She's such a kick-ass scientist! Sailor Mercury/Ami also tops my list!

    1. Aaaah, totally forgot about Orphan Black! There were so many choices. x_x

  3. I'm an unashamed Joss Whedon fan, I like his female characters. Enjoying Agents of Shield at the mo with Skye and Simmons being the 'geekgirl' characters.

    If you're looking for a sci-fi role model though, look no further than Ellen Ripley. A Warrant Officer on a Starship, always the smartest person in the room (despite people looking down on her) and able to defeat an enemy of enormous strength with a mix of smarts and sheer determination!

    1. Ripley is another great one! Especially since she doesn't fall into that trap of needing a man to rescue her from trouble. I'm thinking of doing a bigger list someday.

    2. She certainly is a great sci-fi female character, admirable and able in a way that is not only distinct from traditional masculine action heroes but also makes both halves of the audience respond to her.

      Great blog post, certainly worthy of a revisit with a longer list someday!

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    Have a nice day!


  5. Speaking of Joss Whedon then you'd have to mention Willow from Buffy and I don't know if any of you enjoyed Dollhouse - I loved it until they decided cancel and it got a bit crazy- but another good nerdy fiction girl was Dr. Claire Saunders who was a programmed doll...such a great concept!


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