30 January 2014

Style Inspiration: Star Trek


Exploring the space of futuristic fashion! Engage.
This Style Inspiration is a mix of the Original Series, New Trek (JJ Abrams), and the Next Generation. Which Trek is your favorite? Mine is Next Generation, probably because it was the first series I watched and then I went back and watched everything else.

Also, our dryer is fixed! Yaaay! So, yes, this Style Inspiration also has an OOTD at the end. :)

Science & Medical


Chekov by nerd-allure featuring Cut25

To Boldly Go...




colorblock top; forever21
high-waist skinny jeans; love culture
ear cuff; h&m
boots; kensie

The top instantly reminded me of the colorblock uniforms from Next Generation. Then I added some Uhura ponytail action and a "futuristic" ear cuff. Wanted to keep everything minimal, so I think it all fits into the Star Trek theme. :)

Are there any recommendations you have for the next Style Inspiration? Let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Those outfits you put together are HOTT! Love the Uhura ponytail and the earcuff. I used to actually own an authentic Bajoran ear cuff, that thing was heavy!


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