06 January 2014

Edible Campaign: Into Profian's Tomb


Ever wondered what it would be like if you made an entirely edible tabletop gaming map? Yeah, so did I. Here are the results from a trial run with a couple of friends.

It all began with a tavern brawl and the promise of treasure from the tavern owner. The barkeep at the small, run-down tavern explained there was a cave--an old man's tomb--not too far from there with powerful loot. All of the adventurers' faces lit up and immediately the party traveled to the dark cave at the edge of a forest.


There were three pathways: one to the east, one to the west, and one to the north. The party decided to clear out the cave before venturing further in and went west first, encountering mud men (caramel candies) that proved to be more of a nuisance than they should have been.

Next was the eastern corridor, which had a floor trap underneath a down wooden structural beam that unleashed a blue dragon! However, our cleric decided to use his diplomacy skills and try talking to the beast.

Turns out the dragon had been imprisoned and said he would help us on our journey further into the tomb, saying his name was Hoag (lesser known brother of Smaug).


The old man of the tomb was still alive and the party immediately began to fight! However, something was amiss. Suddenly, the old man shouted out and something fell down, knocking down most of the part. We had finally reached the final boss, a gelatinous cube (made out of honeydew dofu)!


Our loot awaited us, a "bag of tricks" which summoned an animal into combat. Our wizard was given the treasure and the party left the cavern as heroes.

The entire dungeon was edible! Here's a rundown:
  • The stone walls are a cinnamon chocolate.
  • Floorboards were a butterscotch chocolate, pretty tasty.
  • Underneath the floorboards was "lava," or vanilla cake with orange food dye.
  • Hoag the dragon was blue and white fondant.
  • The gelatinous cube boss and the pit of acid in the dungeon were the same thing, an Asian dessert known as dofu--it's pretty much just creamier jello.
Unfortunately, I didn't video do of the campaign as this was my first time playing with Pathfinder rules and I was a little confused. But next time, I'll be taking video of the campaign!

If you try out Edible Campaign yourself, please do share the link with me! I'd love to see your campaigns. :)


  1. This. Is. Genius. I will absolutely be stealing this idea in the future, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You're welcome! We're already working on the second campaign for this coming Sunday so I'll hopefully be able to capture some video then. :D

  2. I want my own Hoag the dragon!



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