13 January 2014

Edible Campaign: The Descent Into Fort Bak'kaan

Episode two of Edible Campaign is here! Still no video, but there are more fun pictures and a new twist on the edible dungeon. This time it wasn't a chocolate dungeon!
For this session of Edible Campaign, we decided to try something a little different. Instead of a completely candy and chocolate dungeon, we went with real food--an entire "breakfast campaign," in fact--and used pancakes, bacon, and syrup as well as mini pigs-in-a-blanket enemies.

The ragtag team of adventurers found themselves in a far away seaside port town after being sent an odd scroll pointing to unbelievable treasure in a place called Fort Bak'kaan. After a quick stop to the tavern, the company was on their way to the dungeon.


As you can see, Fort Bak'kaan was floating islands (pancakes) in an odd liquid (syrup) with bridges suspended above the liquid (bacon). The adventurers found themselves inside the home of a mythical and terrible beast known as the Fleshrend, which uses the flesh of its enemies to create a dungeon for itself.


Some of us have graduated to miniatures, yay! You can find pretty cheap minifigs here that are specifically made for Pathfinder (the game we're using with some Dungeons & Dragons rules) and other tabletops.

We had to cross to the other end of the dungeon, but wait! There were enemies afoot.


These little slug-like baby Fleshrends were feasting on past adventuerers' flesh (Doritos), unaware of our presence so we had the upper hand. The toothpicks in the one enemy on the right represent arrows from my character. Once these enemies were taken care of we noticed a rumbling throughout the dungeon and then we're suddenly face-to-face with something much worse...


Aaahh! Fleshrend! Thankfully we were pretty lucky with our rolls that night and most of us were hitting criticals or passing the hit checks with ease. The beastie was taken down and we grabbed our loot.

My character now has a sweet katana that does major damage and the rest of the team also got awesome goodies. Our characters also leveled up. :) Now, it was time to tear down the dungeon!


Edible Campaign has been incredibly fun! I think this next campaign (in about two weeks) is going to be a storyline written by yours truly, although I probably won't be the Dungeon Master but instead taking nicer photos and FINALLY taking video. Unfortunately I forgot my camera that takes HD video at home (I know, excuses!).

Next campaign will be back to chocolate and candy. I hope you guys are also enjoying Edible Campaign posts!


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