08 January 2014

Disney Villainess Series: Mini Maleficent Horns


What girl doesn't want her own pair of Maleficent inspired spiraled horns? Here's two interesting polymer clay projects you can do yourself to make mini horns just in time for the new Maleficent movie coming out this year!

You've watched me attempt makeup looks inspired by Ursula and the Evil Queen. You've witnessed me try to do Cruella de Vil inspired nails. Now, it's time to make some hair accessories inspired by Maleficent's spiraled horns!

This was my FIRST EVER polymer clay project and I must say, I'm addicted. After getting the hang of shaping the clay this project was pretty easy. Now, let's get to the fun part!

You will need:
Black polymer clay
Metal hair clips
Black plain headband
Baking sheet
Hot glue gun/E6000
Step 1
Get your polymer clay pliable and use one strip for each horn, about two inches in length, and start turning them into cone shapes with a flat bottom. Make sure that they're equal height and width (or close to it)!

From there, twist and roll the cones into more slender, pointier shapes. Bend them at right angles and start making the twist in Maleficent's horns at the tip ever so slightly. You can make these look however you want so long as they have the same shape as the horns in the reference picture above.

Step 2
Get your baking sheet with aluminum foil ready and preheat your oven to about 230F (110 Celsius). Pop those horns in for about thirty minutes.

Step 3
Once they have hardened, you can make your horns look glossy by painting them with clear nail varnish. Or, alternatively, you can keep them looking matte without painting them. Completely up to you!

Step 4
Using some glue, you're going to want to stick the horns onto the hair clips or headband so that they're opposite of one another like so. Now go scare some children! :)


Some helpful tips!
If you want to reinforce your horns so they don't break as easily, I'd suggest using wire inside of them when you're shaping the clay.

Make the base of the cone in the palm of your hand first and then use a flat surface to work out any folds or lines in the clay.





The clip-on horns were actually a pain to get in! I kept putting them in uneven and since my hair is so thin, they'd just slip and slide. Ah well, I'll have to tweak 'em a bit. :)

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my (classic) Disney Villainess series! There were mishaps but I had fun. Maybe I'll do newer Disney villainesses next?!


  1. Awesome! I'm definitely going to rock these to the premiere of the movie!

  2. Very cute! I have some leftover glow in the dark polymer clay that would make AWESOME (although not Maleficent accurate) horns.

  3. Haha, they look cute! Great idea for Halloween! :P
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  4. You are so rad. What a fantastic idea. I can't wait to make these.


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