15 January 2014

A Little Bit About Myself

I just realized I haven't really done many "personal" blog posts and since this has been a busy week where I couldn't publish the type of posts I wanted to, why not today? Get to know a little bit about me and hopefully I can get to know a little bit more about you guys. :)

Confession time: despite having tons of social network accounts, I'm not a very "public" person. That is to say I like to keep some of my personal life secret. It's nothing against the cool people I've met through all these sites, it's just how I am.

Well, as a new year's goal, I want to put more of myself out there. No more being an Internet introvert! It's time to reach out and be social. :) First step? Letting you guys know a bit more about myself and my life.

Also, this week has been hella busy for me and I haven't been able to work on the DIY and OOTD posts I've wanted to publish. Anyway, here's a nifty list!

1. I'm originally from Oceanside, California, which is near San Diego. But I've lived in Ohio, The Florida Keys, the Florida mainland, part-time in Maryland, and now in Michigan.

2. In high school, I was our school's website manager during my senior year. I helped the school move from a physical filing system to a digital one and this helped cement my love in databases, data analytics, and data visualization.

3. I used to write Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fanfiction as a kid! One of my most popular stories was an alternate universe where Sephiroth in KH was Riku's dad.

4. Despite being an avid gamer today, I didn't own a console until the PlayStation! I was mostly playing computer games beforehand.

5. I'm part Portuguese, hence my last name. I used to have thick, curly black hair and then it eventually turned brunette!

6. Huge advocate for the maker community--3D printing, CNC, you name it! I'm also going to be joining a local makerspace very soon.

7. Love watching cartoons and animated shows, recently been loving Steven Universe, Bob's Burgers, Regular Show, and rewatching classics like Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls.

8. Used to be really into rockabilly and would wear vintage inspired clothes. Still love it, although my wallet couldn't keep up with the fashion.

9. My first "cosplay" experience was one Halloween where I made my own Fujin costume, one of the characters from Final Fantasy 8.

10. I've been learning Mandarin for the last two years or so, although my reading and writing is still awful!

What are some interesting facts about you? Hope to be back on regularly scheduled posts soon. :)


  1. Hey girl, I have to say I've considered myself a nerd because of my job and my reading/tv show/movies interests, but I constantly find myself learning more and more about nerdom from your site about comic books and cartoons that I would not know. Thanks for the education.


    1. Glad I can be your nerdy source of even nerdier things, haha!

  2. Do you like Adventure Time? It's probably one of my favourite cartoons right now (although I'm kind of behind). That's also crazy how your hair changed. I've been stuck with the same think black straight fair forever.

    1. I do! I even have Finn's hat, haha. My favorite episodes are probably when you get to see into Ice King's past and how he took care of Marceline.

  3. Let's see if I can use your points as a guide for a quick intro.

    I'm originally from the South of England but now live in the North (metaphorically equivalent to crossing the road in the US but it's a big cultural change for an Englishman!).

    High school confirmed in me a love of history.

    I write short stories (but never publish, one day perhaps...)

    I inherited my older brother's Atari 2600 and Spectrum 48k but really my first console was the NES.

    I'm part Scottish, not that exotic but it means I love Whisky and spell it without an e! I've had thick, curly black hair my whole life and have come to terms with it.

    I try to be an advocate for responsible gaming and tabletop gaming. I used to love cartoons and watch them more but real life happened, now I've got a 10 month old son I'm hoping to soon get an excuse to start watching them again.

    Music tastes best described as eclectic, I'm a total man-shopper when it comes to fashion. Clothes just happen to me.

    Cosplay came a little late for me, at 35 I would feel way too creepy heading off to a convention dressed as Judge Dredd.

    A former employer tried to teach me Russian a few years back, I was not very good at speaking it but I can still translate written Russian reasonably well.

    Cool background post!

  4. I love those animated series too! Do you watch Archer? That's another of my favorites. I do have a question. What made you choose Mandarin?

    1. I haven't kept up with Archer but I really like it! At the time I was going into technical writing and Mandarin is a good language to know for that and I liked the classes to keep on it. :)

  5. Hello, I am anonymous, mostly because I don't know what the heck the other things you can comment as are =D. Well lets get to the point, do you watch anime?!?! I have to ask this question because I am a huge anime fan!

  6. I do! I've really gotten into Space Dandy and been trying to think of some DIY projects related to anime for this blog.

  7. I have the same thing you have, I post my whole life online basically but there are tons of things I certainly don't mention at all. It's kind of the beauty of blogging or internet in general, isn't it? You get to decide what the world does and doesn't get to know. Anyway, I loved your blog post!


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