18 December 2013

Review: Bath & Body Works Destinations The Keys & Ocean Drive Candles

Muse over at Musings of a Muse posted a head's up for the new Spring 2014 Destinations collection coming to Bath & Body Works. The new collection includes candles inspired by places like Chicago, Hawaii, Tahiti, and many other places. But, do these candles hold up to their well-known locales?

For two and a half years, I lived on the little island of Key Largo, Florida, which is part of the bigger (although still tiny) string of islands that populate the waters between Florida and Cuba. I graduated from high school there and then went on to eventually move to Michigan in order to be closer to family.

Color me interested when I saw the Bath & Body Works Florida Keys candle online. I began to wonder what do the Keys smell like to B&BW. I also noticed they had an Ocean Drive inspired candle, which is a popular locale in South Beach, another place I know quite well from having to endure South Florida.

To me, the Keys smell grungy. It's a mixture of seawater, marijuana, mangroves, and tropical flowers like hibiscus. Not saying it's an awful smell, but it is surely unique. Unfortunately, it seems the scent professionals at Bath & Body Works have never stepped foot on any of the Keys.

Don't get me wrong, this candle smells great. It has a strong scent of melon that tapers off into sweet seawater. The packaging says there's mint in it, but I haven't smelled it even when burning the candle. I love burning this candle already, but it's not a good representation of the Keys.

I would think this candle would at least have hints of keylime pie in it, which is one of the biggest things the Florida Keys are known for. I'm still sick of the stuff and it has been well over six years! :P

Ocean Drive is one of the places for tourists to go to (and locals, too) for a vibrant nightlife near and around South Beach. Think of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and you'll basically have a good picture of Ocean Drive, 80s neon included!

Now this candle really does remind me of its intended location. The best way, although probably not the most appealing way, to explain this candle's scent is "over perfumed man." This candle has strong hints of bergamot and cypress with only a hint of lavender, but it reminds me of the masculine scents like cologne found drifting through the nightclubs on Ocean Drive.

Between the two, Keys is my favorite even though it probably shouldn't be called a Keys candle. The full collection will be available in spring 2014, so make sure to check it yourself if you're a candle burnin' fanatic like myself!


  1. I've never had a B&BW candle, but they have an incredible range of scents and I wish I had the Winter candy apple :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Oooh, I have that in a lotion--smells so great! Candle shopping at B&BW is pretty intense since you just have to smell all of them (or hope they smell good when you order online, haha).


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