03 December 2013

Mini Romwe.com Haul (+Rant!)

Oh, do I have a story to share with you guys.

For the most part, I stay clear of online stores that just source their inventory or operate most of their business from China. It's nothing against China at all, it's just the shipping between the United States and China can be an utter nightmare. However, I kept hearing about Romwe.com. They're not like those other Chinese-based websites and all of these bloggers got their items, so why not me?!

First off, I got this galaxy print scarf. The scarf is more of a fashion scarf rather than one that could be worn during the winter, but hey, it still looks pretty cool. Only downsides? It smells pretty funky, like burnt plastic, and it's actually really short compared to the above reference picture.

I also picked up these really neat looking capillary vein leggings, too. These are extremely well made and surprised me completely. Even though they took forever to get to me (roughly two months), the quality sort of makes up for it. I wanted to originally wear the leggings for Halloween, but maybe I'll wear them to family holiday functions for a real good time. :P

So, what was my timeline for these items?
Early October - Ordered my items
Mid-October - Order finally processed
Late October - Sent scarf, no leggings
Early November - Other order still processing
Mid-November - Sent leggings

With all of this said, I completely understand that international shipping can take awhile. I've had stuff shipped out to me from all over the globe in the last four months or so and all of them came in relatively on time (or even early!). However, to separate my order of only two small items into two packages about a month apart from each other is a tad bit unacceptable.

So, what about all those bloggers who did get their stuff promptly? A good chunk of them were sponsored shipments. Romwe reached out to them and offered them a gift card in order to check out their website and drum up publicity. I was not asked to do this post about Romwe and did everything with my own money.

With all of that said, Romwe offers free worldwide shipping, but keep your expectations low if you decide to try them out. Would I shop Romwe again? Probably not, especially with a little bit of Google savvy you can find most of their stock for about 50% cheaper on other sites like Amazon or eBay.

Have any of you guys experienced something similar or shopped at Romwe?


  1. I ordered from Romwe last year and got their cat dress, and I had to REMIND them to ship it. Their excuse was literally, "it was forgotten". Not to mention they were rude, didn't type right, and took forever to reply. By the time it finally got to me, the bow on the dress was broken. I had to fix it myself. For a $50 dress, I expected way better. I'm glad someone else besides me thinks this.

    1. Yeah, I haven't shopped there since and don't intend to. I've also noticed they have been having a bunch of sales but jack up the prices at the last minute and then put everything on "sale" when people will already be paying too much. Like that scarf I got went on sale. It was about $12.00 when I bought it. It was then $14.00 and on "sale" for $11.99 or something like that. Really sketchy!


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