11 December 2013

DIY Japanese Eraser Charm Necklace & Keychains

Iwako Charm Accessories

Learn how to make these super cute keychains and necklaces from Japanese puzzle erasers!

Known as Iwako erasers, or also as "puzzle erasers," these guys make great accessories like DIY jewelry and keychains. This how-to on making your own Iwako charm accessories is pretty easy and quick, taking only about ten minutes to complete.
Let's get started!

You will need:
- Erasers (You can find some here)
- Screw-in jewelry eyepins
- Leather/suede/cord necklaces
- Small to medium sized jumprings (Large optional)
- Jewelry pliers and cutters
- Keychain rings

Iwako Necklaces
Step 1. 
You're going to want to push in the screw-in eyepin somewhere on your eraser. Find a place where it will sit best when it's turned into a necklace! To give it some extra hold, you can glue around the eyepin, too.

Step 2.
Take a jumpring and attach it to the eyepin, then loop your cord necklace through and close the jumpring back up to make it secure.

Step 3.
Clamp the cord and turn it into a necklace if needed, but you can always purchase the cords already clamped and ready to go! Now you have a cute Iwako eraser necklace. :)

Pink Blowfish Iwako Necklace

Panda Iwako Necklace

Iwako Keychains
Step 1.
Just like the necklace how-to, push in the screw-in eyepin where you want it on the eraser. You can use glue to keep it super secure, too.

Step 2.
Take some jewelry wire, if needed, and loop it through the eyepin. Then, take a keychain ring and also loop it through the wire. Close off the wire like you normally would when making jewelry. Alternatively, you can just use a bigger jumpring instead.

Step 3.
Cut off any excess jewelry wire, clamp it down with some pliers, and then you've got yourself an adorable Iwako keychain!

Hedgehog Iwako Keychain

Alligator Iwako Keychain

Pretty cute, huh? If you try this DIY project yourself, I'd love to see your creations! You can always find me on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. alligator is definitely my fav.



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