16 December 2013

DIY Hobbit Door & One Ring Necklace

Sure, there are tons of versions of the "Hobbit Door" necklace online but do they use an actual (fake) One Ring?! Not only does this Hobbit-inspired necklace feature The One Ring, it also features a painted green door to really bring about the inspiration of Bag End.

Learn how to make one yourself and be ready to go on adventures!

In honor of The Hobbit movies, and well, the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and his world of Middle Earth in general, I made this cluster necklace with a door that kind of looks like the one found at Bag End, and of course, the One Ring.

Hobbit Door DIY

While I was always more of a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I have read The Hobbit and the actual reveal of Smaug has always been my favorite. I like when fantasy stories actually give the dragon a personality and not make them just some roaring brutish monster that the hero needs to slay.

This project is a bit more extensive and is best for a day of crafting. Let's get to it!

You will need:
- Bronze/antique gold chain
- Bronze small, medium, and large jump rings
- Bronze jewelry wire
- Jewelry pliers and cutters
- Green paint
- Very fine/small paint brush
- Leaf, teardrop, and pearl beads

If you're wondering where I got my One Ring in particular, it was actually part of an old promotional Lord of the Rings bookmark! You might remember them being sold in book stores when the first movie came out. I bought up quite a few as a kid and used to wear the Ring around like Frodo. You know, just some everyday cosplay before it was cool! ;)

Here's what you'll need to do:

Step 1:
Using some green paint, preferably acrylic, it's time to paint the door. It is good to tape off areas of the door that you DON'T want to be painted. I have learned the hard way as my Bag End door looks sloppy. Also, my paint brush wasn't nearly small enough, do'h!

Step 2:
Once the door has dried, loop it through a large jump ring and loop it on the necklace chain or find a place where you want it to hang and loop it there. Now, you will want to create the little leaf charm by taking some wire and stacking the charms the way you want. Once you have a combo you like, cut off the excess wire and close it off at the top, remembering to have a loop on top so you can attach it to that big jump ring the door is attached to.

Hobbit Door DIY Prep

Step 3: 
Now it's time to attach your One Ring! Instead of attaching this to the same jump ring as the door, it is actually going to have its own right next to your door to create a "cluster" effect. Usually you can do this by attaching the jump ring on the same link on the necklace as your other jump ring or the link immediately next to it.

Step 4: 
To make my necklace a bit more fancy, I cut a tiny bit of chain from the necklace to create a dangling chain of leaf beads from the lobster claw. This part is totally optional and just gives the necklace some extra leafy flair.

Step 5:
If you're not using a pre-made necklace chain, remember to attach your closures and then you're all done! Time to go on an adventure!

Hobbit Door One Ring DIY

Another idea I was thinking of doing with this necklace was making the One Ring directly part of the necklace chain. You would do this by cutting a part of one side of the necklace and using jump rings on either side of the ring to attach it back to the chains, kind of like in this picture with the birds.

Hobbit Door DIY 2

I would love to see your version of this necklace if you decide to try it out. You can always send me your creation on Twitter or tag me on Instagram. Until next time, nerds!


  1. How cute!
    The door is a great replica of the movie version and love the addition of the leaf bead
    x atelier zozo

    1. I was seriously having sleepless nights trying to figure out what other charms to add along with the door, haha. But then saw those awesome leaf beads at JoAnn and it all clicked!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Leslie! And thank you for following me! You're a huge inspiration for my own blogging. :)

  3. So cute and creative. Hope you don't mind, I pinned it! (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/70016969180521660/)

  4. Oh this is ADORABLE! I'm saving this to make for my hobbit-loving friend for her birthday :)

    1. Sweet! Also as a fyi another potential way to get the green door without having to lose much detail is spray paint and just taping off anything that shouldn't be greenified.


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