20 December 2013

Devcember Week 3

Lots of changes this week! Here's a list of what was updated as well as some questions for you guys that you can hopefully help me find the answers to.

Right, so, I got a bit more done this week compared to the previous one. Here's an overview:

  • All social media icons are now live and I cleaned up the sidebar in general. 
  • Speaking of, that means I made an actual Facebook for my blog! It's still kinda bland.
  • Suggestion Box was made prettier and turned into an all-purpose Contact Me box.
  • Broke up the blog's template into two sidebars on each side with a new background.
  • Centered most of the things!
  • Future posts will have a signature graphic.
  • New fonts for everything.
Another great codin' lady with an equally great blog is Sarah of SillyGrrl.com! She has amazing tutorials that will make your blog look lovely while also providing great tips on freelancing and design to boot.

In other Devcember news, I'm considering doing an email list, although my only experience with them is on the business side for small businesses. Do any of you send out email to your subscribers?

And finally, I'm diving into the foray of advertising. What are your experiences with advertising your blog? What are the best places for targeted advertising?

That wraps up week three! Thank you all SO MUCH for following me and enduring the design shake-up, I'm honestly having an amazing time blogging and talking with you all and can't wait to get into the full swing of things!


    1. looks great!!! side bars look good.


    2. All of your changes look awesome. I don't know anything about ads, but I know a couple our mutual blogger friends use Passionfruit ads. Hopefully one of them can tell you about their experience with it!

      1. Checked out Passionfruit, their monthly payment isn't too bad for what they're offering. I might shop around come January since the blog is still so tiny.

    3. I've also had good experiences with Passionfruit so far. If you can afford to pay the membership annually, it becomes even more affordable and they really do make hosting and managing ads a breeze. I also like that they support ad trades, which is great for supporting your fellow bloggers.


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