13 December 2013

Devcember Week 2

Week two of Devcember has come and gone and now you can check out some of the improvements that were made so far! Read on for more after the jump.

What was completed and what's suffering from procrastination? This week was kind of slow because I've been stressing over a package that I believe FedEx has lost, the last days of finals, and getting some DIY gifts all done as well as DIY projects for the blog. But I was able to get some things done for Devcember:
  • Finally updated all of my tags! Ugh, talk about a challenge because I had to do every post individually. Also deleted a couple of posts that didn't fit in with the blog's theme anymore.
  • Social media icons were updated, although not all of them are live just yet. I also added a search function!
  • I'm testing out the "Read More" set up of content where you click for the rest of the blog post, so let me know what you think about that.
Here's one of the blog buttons I made to advertise Nerd Allure on other blogs and whatnot.

I'll be making more and doing a mini photoshoot to take some updated photos as well!
    By the way, I got my social media icon set from Rose of Every Little Polish, she makes some amazing watercolor themed designs which I absolutely adore in blog design (along with super girly pastels).

    And finally, I want to say hi to my new followers! Thanks for giving me a follow and I'll make sure to return the favor here soon if I haven't already. I'm especially grateful for you guys following since my blog is in such a transitional phase right now. :)

    That wraps up Devcember Week Two!


    1. I like your banner and the icon! Very cute
      I've definitely been seeing a lot of watercolor designs lately. Looking to change my blog's theme too (even though it hasn't been up for very long but oh well)
      New follower here!
      atelier zozo

    2. digging the watercolors matching the banner and the blog icon/signature!!



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