30 December 2013

December Favorites 2013

Wow, we're finally on the last monthly favorites of the year! What was totally awesome during this month? Read on for more. ;)

This is a short monthly favorites as December was a crazy-super-hectic festive adventure! Lots of family gatherings, birthday goodness, and generally being out and about and being a social butterfly instead of a hermit crab for once.

sweater beauty and the beast nerd allure

This Beauty and the Beast sweater is so, so, so pretty. It was a birthday present and I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop!

supergirl perfume nerd allure

Excuse the rip in the packaging, but this is still really cool! It's a perfume inspired by Supergirl. They had other lovely DC ladies, but alas, no Batgirl. Supergirl will do, and besides, her perfume does smell wonderful. I might do a review on it if people are interested. :)

blackheart beauty nail polish nerd allure

Oh muh gaaaawd, this color is gorgeous and shimmery and not at all sheer or subdued. Blackheart Beauty has immediately become a favorite nail polish of mine! Although, my polish in this picture is all smudged because Rigby decided he wanted to try and help.

hot apple cider nerd allure

You know, for a K-cup version of hot apple cider, this stuff is like crack. So yummy! There's a cider mill just down the road but sometimes you just don't wanna get out of your pajamas.

forever21 bag nerd allure

And finally, I got a brand new handbag for myself as a birthday gift! It's from Forever21, not real leather, but it's still like some ultimate chic bag of holding because I've been stuffing everything in there. Also, there's a cameo from my mom's dog, Daisy, in this pic. :)

What have been some of your December favorites, lovelies?

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  1. happy birthday! really liking the bag- big fan of large bags that enable you to throw a bunch of items in there...we just got a keurig for xmas; it's great. i'll have to check out the apple cider


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