23 December 2013

Brilliant Earth Style Challenge

Even a nerd girl can appreciate diamond jewelry--especially when it actually does good in the world! Here are some gorgeous style boards featuring wonderful pieces from Brilliant Earth, all with a nerd girl twist.

Woo, sweet, sparkly loot! I believe every girl should own at least one fancy piece of diamond jewelry, besides a potential engagement or wedding ring. My only gripe about most diamonds at major jewelry retailers is that you don't know if the diamonds are "conflict diamonds," or also known as blood diamonds. Unless, of course, you go straight to a conflict-free source.

Speaking of, the wonderful people behind Brilliant Earth reached out to me about creating style boards that incorporate their gorgeous jewelry. They ethically source all of their diamonds, which I think is something we all can get behind. Here are my style boards and the jewelry I picked out to correspond with them. Enjoy!

Brilliant Earth Style Challenge: Elvish Dreams

Brilliant Earth Style Challenge: Infinity & Beyond

Brilliant Earth Style Challenge: Time Traveler

If you would like to see these style boards up close and personal, check them out on my Polyvore account!

1 comment:

  1. love the leaf necklace- that's gorgeous as well as the dress!


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