09 December 2013

A Bear! (But No Maiden Fair?)

A few months ago, my boss and his fiancee found a small, scraggly kitten in a parking lot and was originally going to take him to the Humane Society since they have a two cat limit at their place. Those plans changed when I decided to adopt him instead and made this post a few months ago introducing you to Rigby.

Well, now meet Bear.

Mom needed me to drive her to a few stores for holiday shopping on Sunday because her car was at the mechanic. Nearby one of the stores there was a PetSmart. I'm not sure if this is the case for PetSmart's elsewhere but every Saturday and Sunday they host local shelters around the area and let them bring in their cats and dogs so they have a better chance of finding forever homes. This is the same way I adopted Owen.

Of course, mom and I had to go see the cute kitties. Then I saw him...

This fluff ball of black with white paws and a cute little white beard was found, along with a few other kittens, huddled underneath someone's lawnmower and given up to the shelter. Then my mom uttered these words: "If you want him, I'll pay the adoption fee for you. He'll be an early birthday present!" (My birthday is on the 17th).

So now, I have a new kitten!

I named him Bear as a suggestion from my step-dad because of how fluffy he is, but then I realized he has similar traits to Daenerys' Queensguard Jorah Mormont, whose house sigil is a black bear and is known to be at Dany's side everywhere she goes (well, for the most part). Bear hasn't left my side since he came home with me and is incredibly cuddly.

At first Rigby wasn't too keen on a new friend but after playing with Bear for a few hours today while I cleaned (do you see all of the toys I found under my bed?!), they became fast buddies and are currently cuddled up next to me.

And here are the older boys, Henry (gray) and Owen (black and white), watching the kittens play. Look at Henry being the ultimate creeper! Owen and Bear get along really well, but Owen is pretty laid back. Henry is still getting used to the change.

So now I'm totally at my limit of cats in the house, but I'm happy to give this little guy a very spoiled life! :)


  1. Awww! What a cutie! I'm glad little Bear found a forever home with you!

  2. OMG- i love the name and that you related it to game of thrones...i CAN NOT wait for that show to come back on...Daenerys might be my fav character



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