13 November 2013

Where To Find Geeky Holiday Gifts Online

It's never too soon to get some holiday shopping done--okay, that's a lie. I say November 1st is the "start date" for finding holiday presents for loved ones, but what do you think? With that said, I normally wait until mid-December.

Well, despite all that, there is still the problem of finding those perfect gifts that just speak to you. Once you see them, you know exactly who will love it and can't wait to see their reaction. And this is true for all the geeks and nerds in our lives, too. Sure, ThinkGeek has a lot of cool goodies, but you want to find something even more unique and special. This is going to be the year of totally awesome gifts! Where do you look? There's always these places to check out online.

Looking for a chicken shaped handbag or maybe some Blue Sky candies? Well, Firebox has got you covered! For those truly quirky and "out there" gifts that make people wonder where exactly you got them, Firebox has everything under the sun. I mean, really.

This is one of my absolute favorite gaming merch stores because their selection is so much different than other gaming-related stores. They have beautiful, hand designed t-shirts of video-games like Earthbound, Legend of Zelda, and many other games that are both classics and new generation. On top of that, they also sell keychains, one-of-a-kind posters, and every order shipped comes with free goodies!

Uncommon Goods
This is another website with, you guessed it, ... Uncommon or unique things that make great gifts! I've used Uncommon Goods before to find holiday presents and it's also the first place where I saw terrarium necklaces that I've been wanting for the last two years. (Totally not a hint for any family members or loved ones reading this blog, cough).

The dresses on here are gorgeous but they also have some geekier things in stock in their "Apartment" section. From geeky books to geeky cooking utensils, they provide some truly interesting stuff that can't normally be found anywhere else. Also, if you have a vintage geek in your life, they offer both reproductions and actual vintage goods.

You know you're in for a good time when an online store has an entire section dedicated to bacon. And that's the only thing I have to say about NeatoShop! I've never shopped there but they seem all right in my books.

And then there is an entire geeky online store dedicated to us geeky girls! From dresses to t-shirts to everything else in-between, HerUniverse has stuff you normally won't find elsewhere from the fandoms we all love: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel ... you name it.

Another one that deserves an honorable mention is Etsy. Oh, the dozens of storefronts I've favorited on Etsy is quite insane. If there's a fandom for it, it will more than likely have a store on Etsy. Speaking of, I will be doing a series of posts of DIY geeky inspired gifts for the holidays. Stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite geeky shopping spots, nerdettes?


  1. Great list! I usually just peruse Etsy until i find something cool. lol

  2. Great post dude. I've never been on her universe. I can't wait to check it out.

  3. More geeky gifts:



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