25 November 2013

Seeing Red, Or Life With Dyed Hair

Woo, this post has been a long one in the making! And not just because my hair is super long.

I got my hair dyed in August, going from a chestnut brunette color (okay, more like mousey brown) to a deep, vibrant red color. I've had red like this before and thought it complimented my skin tone really well.

Unfortunately, red dye is the fastest to leave your hair because the dye molecules are smaller and can easily come out of the hair follicle. That means things like warm showers and even just being out and about in the sun will make the color dull out quicker, ugh! But there are ways to make those gorgeous red locks last longer. Here's a few things I do that really help.

Paul Mitchell Take Home Color Care Kit
My hair stylist gave me this kit when I first got my hair dyed and it is definietly worth it. It is best to get this at the salon, although I think you can also pick this up at certain beauty stores and it's honestly not that expensive. I believe I only paid around $12.00 for this trial kit that I still have more than enough left from the summer!

The shampoo doesn't lather like most store-bought shampoos and you have to really work it into the hair, but it does protect the dye and follicles from sun and other things that can dull out red hair. I don't use the Paul Mitchell kit every time I shower, too. In fact, I alternate between this and another combination. The smaller squeeze bottle in the kit is a type of hair mask and I only use it every other week, giving my hair an extra boost of protection.

John Frieda Radiant Red Color Shampoo & Conditioner
While the Paul Mitchell kit is great to protect your dyed hair from everyday wear and tear, the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner is best for keeping a high color vibrancy. I use these guys every other time I shower when not using the Paul Mitchell goodies.

The shampoo lathers very well and a little bit goes a long way, even for us ladies with super long hair. The conditioner is also very moisturizing, always leaving my hair easy to brush out and smooth afterward. I should note that I use well water at home and the minerals in well water can make it harder to brush out hair, on top of giving it a coppery look after several washes. This conditioner is able to get through that build-up!

You can find this at most stores that carry beauty products, such as drugstores or Ulta. The shampoo and conditioner together was about $20 for me.

Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner & Organix Moroccan Argan Oil
Here's another stylist recommended product! Leave-in spray conditioner is great for any hair type, dyed or not, but is especially great for dyed redheads because it will help lock in the color after your shower.

And then there is the holy grail of hair products: argan oil. Organix sells very affordable products infused with argan oil and this particular spray is used when drying hair with high heat so the follicles aren't damaged. I don't dry my hair with a hairdryer every time, but when I do, this stuff is always sprayed on first.

My first dye job, as I mentioned, was in August. I didn't go back for a root touch-up until the beginning of November and even then, the fade of my red dye wasn't bad at all. Yay for long-lasting red!

With that said, not every experience is going to be the same. My hair normally takes to dye very well, regardless of the color. Some textures and types of hair might have a harder time, however, I still wanted to give some tips on maintaining dyed hair. Hope it helps!

Oh, and why the change to red? Well, since this is a nerd girl blog, I'll admit I dyed my hair in anticipation of future cosplays for Motor City Comic-Con! I have a Melisandre costume already done and now I'm working on a Jean Grey Phoenix costume. And those two are some serious redheads. ;)


  1. i use that argan oil from target; great price compared to some of those products out there. love to hate that evil red head from game of thrones...be interesting to see what happens with her story next season


    1. Mel's story arc in future seasons is going to get good! I won't spoil it, though. :x

  2. I LOVE that you admit to dying it for future cosplays. You are so rad.


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