04 November 2013

Popin' Cookin' Kitchen! Bento Box & Candy Dumpling

Want to know what I was up to on Halloween night? Eating weird Japanese snacks, of course!

Ever since watching this video for the hamburger and fries meal, I've always wanted to get one and try it out myself. This Popin' Cookin' bento box and candy dumpling caught my interest because of just how darn cute they are. A panda onigiri rice ball and a panda dumpling? Take my money now!

I picked these goodies up from Art Warehouse Japan on Amazon. Their standard shipping is free but expect at least 18 to 32 days for shipping. I opted with expedited shipping and got my stuff super fast for something that was literally shipped across the world. I was supposed to get these closer to November 1st but they came in on October 30th. They also gave me a free package of those awesome Lotte koala bear cookies! You can normally find the cookies in Asian grocery stores. Chocolate is my favorite. :)

So, let's see some action shots of making the snacks!

Popin' Cookin' Bento Box Insides

All of the items for the bento box. Seems like a lot of stuff, huh?

Popin' Cookin' Bento Box Prep

Making everything was pretty easy, the only problem I stumbled on was making the rice panda face. I had to find a video online of someone making it.

Bento Box Result

Finally, here is the end result of the bento box! Doesn't exactly look like the packaging, oopsies.

Kracie Panda Dumpling Result

And this is the end result of the candy panda dumpling! It was much easier and quicker than the bento box, only having about four or five steps and three packages for the rice, dye, and sauce. So, what did everything taste like?! Find out below. ;)

1. Wet pixie stick
2. Orange booger stuff
3. Very tart cotton candy
4. Tropical fruit (this one was pretty tasty)
5. Super orange soda
6. A red, vaguely cherry soda

The candy dumpling tasted like very sweet rice slightly mixed with sugary bubblegum. As for the sauce that came with it ... Well, it seems it was a regular dumpling sauce packaged with the candy! It had a strong chicken teriyaki scent and tasted like old chicken gravy. But, the candy dumpling was kinda good.

Then, there was the clean-up afterward! While the taste was weird, it was very fun to make everything and the kits aren't very expensive at all. Have any of you guys tried out these candy food kits? Let me know!

Popin' Cookin' Cleanup


  1. I've never tried these, but they look so cute! In Dallas where my sister lives there's a huge Asian market with all kinds of goodies (even Purikura!). I'm going to search for one of these next time I visit!

    1. It's crazy how many different kits they have! There's even a sushi set and one that looks like an itty bitty wedding cake.

  2. I have always wanted to try a pop n cookin set. They look like so much fun. That panda had such a cute face.


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