19 November 2013

Nerdwares: Bubble And Geek

There is a place where being a girly-girl and being a geek converge into the most perfect, awesome, and heavenly scented way imaginable. Cathy, the geeky lady behind Bubble and Geek, creates beauty products with all-natural ingredients that also happen to be inspired by our favorite fandoms. How does that work? Read on for the full review, nerdettes!

I stumbled upon Bubble and Geek by chance (looking for geeky candles on Etsy) and was instantly drawn in by one of the top products, a lip scrub inspired by butterbeer from Harry Potter. From there, I saw the lip tints inspired by the companions of the Doctor from Doctor Who, candles that invoke the smell of Game of Thrones (the good smells, not the smells of character death), and even perfumes inspired by Lord of the Rings. I was enchanted, excited, and obviously picked up a couple goodies.

I tried out Hobbit Garden first. The perfume comes in a big roller-ball pen and has a strong floral scent in the packaging. Once applied to skin, the floral scents slowly drift away and are replaced by hints of English tea, earthy moss, and undertones of gardenia. This is exactly what I would imagine a hobbit garden to smell like!

The perfume also lasts a long time once applied. I had it on for about five hours without having to put on more and since it is a highly concentrated perfume and not a spray a little bit dabbed on your wrists or decolletage goes a very long way. Hobbit Garden is for sure going to be a go-to holiday scent for me!

Next was Martha. This is a moisturizing lip tint so the color is going to be subtle, similar to the Maybelline Color Whispers. Martha is a berry rich red color with a pleasant chai scent (I freakin' love chai tea and its smell). If there is any must buy product from Bubble and Geek, it's going to be any of the Doctor Who lip tints being sold. Holy cow, this lip tint is moisturizing!

I've been using an EOS lip balm but I've noticed it leaves a type of waxy film on my lips when layered and I hate that feeling. I also like using the Maybelline Baby Lips with SPF but they also leave a bit of a film or fade away too quickly. Martha strikes a perfect balance of moisturizing, lasting power, and smoothing lips. Seriously, I might just pick up the gift set of the entire companion collection. Or, you know, strongly hint at wanting it for holidays/my birthday.

Finally is the lip scrub! I've actually never owned a lip scrub but have always wanted to try one. Bubble and Geek's lip scrub has a soft, palpable consistency with a strong scent that first comes off rich, buttery, and sugary and finishes with the "beer" scent (it's butterscotch and vanilla!). It's a nutty scent overall, nowhere near having a strong alcoholic scent.

Using the lip scrub on your lips is easy enough. It has bit of a sugary taste and leaves your lips feeling smooth and primed for your favorite lipstick. My lips aren't too chapped right now but that will change soon when winter kicks into full gear and then I'll be grateful I got this butterbeer lip scrub!

Overall this was a highly pleasant purchase and experience. I highly recommend checking out Bubble and Geek, especially if you're on the hunt for girly-girl geek items. Everything is priced fairly and only chemical-free, natural ingredients are used in all of the products so the quality is top notch. Check out the store for yourself!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased everything with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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