08 November 2013

Nerdgasm: Space Dandy, World's Biggest Ball Pit, New Ms. Marvel & More!

Just as a heads up, you can click on the headlines for each post on here to check out more about them. And now onto another Nerdgasm! Enjoy! :)

Space Dandy Premieres January 2014
They had me at the ENTIRE FREAKIN' COWBOY BEBOP TEAM being behind this new anime called Space Dandy. It looks like Lupin The Third meets Cowboy Bebop and I cannot wait for this! It will premiere on Cartoon Network in January 2014. (via YouTube)

World's Largest Ball Pit
Who doesn't love ball pits? Now this Chinese hotel created the biggest ball pit in the entire world and I really need to buy a plane ticket right now, brb. (via Geekologie)

Classic Literary Meals
There's more to literary classics than just book reports and self-reflection--there is also the food made famous by certain books. Take a look at this truly unique Telegraph gallery for meals inspired by Alice in Wonderland and To Kill a Mockingbird and others. (via Telegraph)

New Ms. Marvel, Teenage Muslim
The new Ms. Marvel looks amazing and it seems Marvel is pushing even further to be a equal and tolerant company by having their next Ms. Marvel be a Muslim teenager living with her family in the big city. (via The Mary Sue)

Netflix Becomes Beacon of Marvel
Maybe Agents of SHIELD is not enough Marvel madness for you when it comes to your television viewing or maybe it's not what you expected and crave more. Fear not, nerds! Netflix and Marvel have penned a deal that will give Netflix exclusive rights to create five different original series revolving around Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Defenders. (via Bleeding Cool)

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