22 November 2013

Nerdgasm: Batkid, MST3k Turkey Day, Geeky Stained Glass Art & More!

What's been up in the world of nerdom? Here's a few things you might have missed (or just want to experience all over again). What has been your favorite tidbits of nerdy news this week?

Batkid saves San Francisco!
This seriously made me tear up. This boy, Miles, Make-a-Wish was to be Batman and did he get his wish! The city of San Francisco was turned into Gotham City for a day and Batkid got to save civilians and have a huge crowd cheer him on.

This is a website full of cool stuff people invented
This is Quirky, a website where inventors can directly share and sell the really neat stuff they have invented. There is so much to browse through, all of which are things that are total impulse buys as you reassure yourself with, "I need this! It'll make my life so much easier!"

HEYYEYAAE! He-Man t-shirt that will make you dance
Need I say more? The picture says it all. And if you don't understand, here's the video for reference.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns for Turkey Day!
If there has been a serious lack of Tom Servo and Crow in your life, do not fret. There is going to be a Thanksgiving marathon just like in the good ol' days! Follow the link for more info on where you can find the marathon online.

This guy creates awesome stained glass art inspired by geekdom
Reddit user SenatorMars creates stained glass art by hand, but the best thing about all of his creations? They are all inspired by video-games like Mega-Man, Mario, Pokemon, and even from other fandoms like Star Wars and comic books!

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