20 November 2013

Get The Look: Elsa From Frozen

If you haven't heard about Frozen, Disney's newest movie coming out, you need to check out the trailers immediately! It features two female leads who aren't there just for the prince to marry or save and the humor of Frozen totally reminds me of Tangled (same creators also worked on Frozen) or The Road to El Dorado.

The main characters are sisters, Elsa and Anna, and their kingdom has been experiencing some serious Westeros levels of wintry weather.

I wanted to do something that can be worn everyday. Anna's look is pretty simple so I opted to do an inspired Elsa look. Enjoy! :)
Elsa Face Products

I moisturized the face and then used a primer. Afterward, I dabbed on some liquid foundation lightly in my trouble areas and then finished with a BB cream. If you want, you can also finish your face makeup with a powder foundation in order to achieve Elsa's pale, smooth skin.

Elsa Blush

As for blush, I used my trusty "wet" blush in a shimmery pink/coral color. Elsa's cheeks have a lighter color than Anna's so I only brushed some lightly on the hollow of my cheeks.

The eye makeup is a bit complex, so I numbered everything to make it easier!

Elsa Eye Products

1. I used a light pinkish purple shimmery eyeshadow on my lid, making sure not to go into the crease. It is best to use a flat eyeshadow brush for this.

2. Then, I blended this darker purple shade in with the lighter shade. After doing that, I went back to the number one shadow and dabbed a bit near the corner of my eyes.

3. This mauve-y, matte color goes into your crease with an angled eyeshadow brush. No need to pack on this color in too much! You want a subtle, gradient effect going into your crease.

4. After using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend in the first three eyeshadows, I went back with an angled eyeshadow brush and swept this darker mauve/purple color into my crease and corners of my eyes.

Finally I used a pencil eyeliner on both my bottom lash line and top waterline while using a liquid liner on my lids in order to give off the illusion of bigger, fuller lashes. You can also add fake lashes to this look but they normally bother my eyes so I didn't add any.

Elsa Lip Products

Elsa wears some deep plum-pink lip color but I opted with a deeper pink since it matched the eyeshadow a bit better. I lined my lips with the e.l.f. lip tint and then used the lip gloss to fill in the rest. You want to be careful with a deep lip color with this look because the two might contrast and over power each other, resulting in a look that's messy and less dramatic.

Elsa Frozen Look 3

Elsa Frozen Look 4

Elsa Frozen Look 2

And voila! An Elsa inspired look that's perfect for the holiday season. :) If you'd like to see how to do Elsa's gorgeous braid, Disney Style has a very easy to follow video!

Frozen comes out on Thanksgiving in the United States, although its initial release is today with a premiere in Paris! Will you be seeing it? I think I'll be heading out to the theatre on Black Friday instead of dealing with crowds of shoppers.


  1. Nice Game of Thrones reference...that show is one of my favorites right now; love the eyeshadow and the light inner corners!


    1. Oh man, I'm a huge GOT fan--religiously watch the series and I read all of the books, haha. And thanks! I need to find a good spot in the house with better natural lighting.


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