09 October 2013

Style Inspiration: The Elder Scrolls

There's just something about open-world RPGs that really suck you in. Usually for months and months at a time while work and school pile up, but you know, at least your character is over powered and has really cool armor!

The big daddy when it comes to open-world role-playing is, of course, The Elder Scrolls series. I've actually only played Oblivion and Skyrim, but I've clocked in over something like over 200 hours in Skyrim alone. Yeaaaah. Anywho, this week's style inspiration all about TES! Enjoy. :)


Thieves Guild


Khajiit Chic

Skyrim Aurora


  1. My character is a khajit so it's no surprised that I'm drawn to that outfit!

    1. Khajit is where it's at! I also always play as a Argonian named Icky.


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