12 October 2013

Online Shopping Just Got Better With Pricify

One of the most frustrating things when online shopping is finding something that you instantly fall in love with up until you check out the price. Ouch. And who knows when it will go on sale, if ever, unless you watch it like a hawk. Then, you forget about it for a bit and realize that it's now gone from the site's inventory! Ugh. It's one of the worst feelings.

Well, a bunch of developers have decided this simply won't do and set out to change that. Meet Pricify.

Want to keep tabs on the things you absolutely need in your life but would rather wait until it lowers in price? Just sign up with Pricify, drag the widget to your top bar, and then "bookmark" your favorite items. It doesn't matter what website they are on, where you found them online--practically anything can be added to the Pricify collective (not to be confused with the Borg collective).

Don't have anything you're eyeballing right now? Well, it's time to procrastinate on that super important thing that's due in a couple of hours and check out what others have Pricify'd! It works much like browsing on Pinterest with infinite scrolling and a bunch of neat stuff to check out, favorite, and even allows you to see what other Pricify members are watching and adding to the website. Jeans, shoes, electronics...You'll be hooked. I know I am.

If you're used to Pinterest, or even Polyvore, then Pricify is going to feel just like home. The team did an excellent job at creating a website that is highly responsive and seamless. Having a background in programming, if a website makes their process difficult (adding unnecessary steps like multiple logins or making the widget confusing to install) then I'm not even going to bother. Pricify is fool-proof, easy, and most of all, it makes shopping and watching for sales/drops in prices fun.

Check them out here!

Disclaimer: A Pricify rep did ask if I could write a review about their website, but as with anything else, I will only write reviews and opinion pieces if I actually like the product or service. I don't condone spam or sketchy websites nor will I advertise them on Nerd Allure.

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