31 October 2013

October Favorites 2013

It's time to put away our costumes, bring out the Thanksgiving decorations, and stock up on half-off Halloween candy! But most of all, it's time for another monthly favorites. :) What have been your favorites throughout October, nerdettes? Here are mine.

    Of course, I love my new kitten. Enough said. :)

    Nostalgia Critic's Nostalgia-ween
    If you haven't heard of the Nostalgia Critic, then you need to check out his website immediately! He reviews old movies that some of us might have nostalgia goggles for and every year Doug does something called Nostalgia-ween. My favorite this year was his review of The Shining mini series.

    E.l.f. Studio Palette
    I've actually had this palette for awhile but you can still buy it on e.l.f.'s website with updated colors. Most of my Evil Queen looks and all of my Ursula looks, even if they failed because of user error, were colors from this palette and they did look great in person.

    Nerd Allure Forever21 Striped Jeans
    Forever21 Vertical Striped Jeans
    These remind me of Beetlejuice's pants but everyone says it reminds them of Robin Thicke. Well, whatever the case, these were my favorite jeans for October.

    Mini Heath Bars
    They soothe the soul, what more could you want from a candy bar?

    Sleepy Hollow
    A friend of mine was talking about this show when it first came out. I was skeptical because taking classic literature like Sleepy Hollow and turning it on its head via modern time traveling seemed...off. But I must say this is a very well done show! Glad it has caught on. Although, this guy is probably the main reason why. ;)


    1. Your kitten is adorable - I'm such a cat lover so anything feline and I'm all over it :o). Xx


    2. Rigby is adorable! I love seeing him on instagram!

      My favorite things about October was the return of The Walking Dead and hoodie weather!


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