07 October 2013

Nerdwares: Game of Thrones Jewelry by BijouxMalou

While I do enjoy creating my own Game of Thrones jewelry, I also like to see what others are creating because they're infinitely way more talented than I am. One such lovely lady who happens to be AMAZING at it is Malou of BijouxMalou on Etsy, creating near replica-like Game of Thrones pieces that you'll lust after. And then buy immediately. And love forever.

I picked up this fierce necklace inspired by Dany's double horn necklace in Season Three. Look at that detail! And you can wear the necklace multiple ways! Exclamation points! I pretty much had a fangirl moment when I got my necklace in the mail. :D

Malou also has this necklace inspired by Sansa that I've been eyeballing, too. Oh, and these dragon scale rings. And this super beautiful bracelet with the sigil of House Martell, my absolute favorite house in Westeros! Annnnd she was gracious enough to give me a free shipping code that can be used until the rest of the year, so I will totally be buying more pretty things.

Everything is handmade (obviously) and Malou sources lots of unique materials for her jewelry as well as using interesting techniques to create different textures. Not only does she sell Game of Thrones jewelry but she also creates original items with a romantic, Victorian, and vintage vibe such as lockets, cabochons, and pocket watches.

But the best thing about Malou's jewelry is that it is wearable. It's easy to create something as a direct replica and I think that's perfectly awesome for cosplay, but if you want to wear a little bit of Game of Thrones in your everyday life, Malou is your lady. Check her store out and get ready to wishlist many things!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post or review. I found Malou's store on my own, bought the necklace with my own money, and simply wanted to write something about how great her online store is for fellow fans. And for something completely unrelated: here is my cat, Owen, helping me take pictures.

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