25 October 2013

Nerdgasm: Star Trek Continues, DC Hoodies, Star Wars Snowflakes & More!

Here's another week of wonderfully nerdy finds. Enjoy! :)

Star Trek: Continues Is The Fan Series Of Your Dreams
Ever wanted to know what would happen if the original crew of the Enterprise completed their five year mission? Yeah, so did these guys. Star Trek: Continues is a fan initiative to create an on-going series based on The Orginal Series and it is amazing. They are looking to get more funding via Kickstarter and already have a pilot out. Check it out!

Holy Customized DC Hoodies, Batman!
These gorgeous, hand-crafted hoodies feature kickass quotes and awesome designs featuring major DC/Batman Universe characters like Tim Drake as Red Robin, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, and Dick Grayson as Nightwing. See the rest at her Tumblr here.

May The Snowflake Be With You
Designer Anthony Herrera is providing free PDF downloads of these cute Star Wars snowflakes for all of your holiday decorating needs. Hey, it might be a little early for that, but it's Star Wars snowflakes! Look at that Boba Fett!

Crafterize Your Own Steampunk Goggles
Klaire de Lys, one of my favorite bloggers/YouTubers, did a simple and fun DIY on creating your very own steampunk goggles using genuine watch parts! I think these look great as everyday goggles and not just strictly for cosplay.

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