18 October 2013

Nerd Rant: The Case for Wonder Woman

There has been some hub-bub ever since this fan-created short of a kick-ass Wonder Woman came out the other week.

Most of that hub-bub is over the fact that we have all these superhero movies coming out, collaborative movies with multiple big-name heroes like The Avengers have proven they will work on the big screen, and comic book movies are raking in those dolla dolla bills and yet all of these movies have featured male superheroes and rarely touch base with the superheroines like Wonder Woman.

She already had a successful television series, she is an iconic character of the DC Universe, and I imagine versions of her costume sell like hotcakes during Halloween. So, what gives?

My little gripe with most news of film execs trying to cobble together a Wonder Woman script right now is that they say a movie is for sure being made only after the announcement of a Justice League movie. You know what that says to me? It's only out of obligation to compete with Marvel's Avengers they are even considering WW as a legitimate hero to make a movie for. Because they know she's a core member of Justice League and it just wouldn't be right without her. Not because they really want to.

Perhaps I'm wrong and I really hope that I am. But there have been so many excuses in the past and they still pop up in the Wonder Woman movie argument. Actually, let's take a look at some of them!

"There's no marketability for Wonder Woman."
Most superhero movies have been "safe" characters--as in, the ones with a fanbase that is already big and loyal with enough pop culture viability that the movie will be a "sure deal" in terms of marketability. One excuse I've heard is that WW has none of these factors. Except she's proven more than enough times that she's as recognizable as a character to a non-fan as Batman or Superman.

"She's just a female Superman and we already have lots of Superman movies!"
Another one I see cropping up a lot lately, usually by those who don't actually read comic books and simply watch the comic book movies. With that said, I'm perfectly fine with people being only movie fans and not reading the comic books but it's downright naive to consider Wonder Woman only a female copy of Superman.

"Female leads are hard to write."
C'mon, this is the 21st Century, people. This isn't an excuse anymore. Writers, directors, creative types of all facets are able to create believable female characters because, hey, we're still humans and I have faith in creatives to write believable humans.

"She needs to be recreated from the ground up and that takes time."
At the rate superhero movies are being churned out, I think a huge, highly paid team of designers, writers, and everyone else can create a Wonder Woman for the big screen with ease. Also, they've been saying this for about a decade now.

"Her invisible jet and truth-telling lasso are too lame for movies!"
Oh, and a huge hovercraft helicarrier airship is any better? How about supposed-to-be-realistic Batnet? While an invisible plane or magic lasso might not seem like it would translate well on the big screen, these are professionals and they can make it work. Besides, you can't suspend your disbelief for Wonder Woman but everyone else is a-okay? Got it.

This isn't just the case for Wonder Woman, though. This is about all of our favorite superheroines--why are they only secondary characters in male-led movies? Where's our She-Hulk movie? Batgirl? So long as it's well done and made with the same gumption as a Superman or Batman movie, I'm positive any of these leading ladies will do very well in Hollywood. No more stalling, let's see some results, Hollywood.

Need some more stupid excuses people have made and some awesome rebuttals? Check out this UpWorthy post for great examples!

What do you think about all of this, nerdettes?

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