16 October 2013

Disney Villainess Series: Evil Queen Inspired Makeup [Fail Post!]

The Evil Queen of Snow White is one ruthless lady and has a very iconic look. Which is why I think her Disney reincarnation is perfect as a makeup tutorial for my villainess series. Or so I thought!

I figured I would do a smokey eye look even though I'm not too good at smokey eyes. "It can't be that hard!" I told myself. So I set out to do it...And well, I didn't like how most of the looks came out. Ugh.

And then I decided to do two looks: one daytime and one nighttime. They came out okay but unfortunately my camera doesn't show the colors very well nor does my phone. But, I promised Disney posts!

So, without any further ado, here are my photos for my Evil Queen eye looks. Cringe all you want! I know I did.

On the left is the daytime look that features lots of neutral tones closer to the Evil Queen's actual eyeshadow whereas the right look is inspired by her robes and more of a night time look.

I tried messing around with the light and contrast levels so the colors would show up more. The purple look came out better but the neutral one is still hard to see! Talk about a fail post, haha. Well, at least I tried, right?! Maybe the Ursula tutorial will go a lot smoother.

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