02 October 2013

Disney Villainess Series: Cruella de Vil Inspired Nails

It seems a bunch of different beauty companies have caught the Disney villains craze this year--but I'm totally not complaining! Two of those companies, e.l.f. and Kiss, are releasing makeup and nail kits inspired by famous Disney villains like Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil. Unfortunately, these nail kits are apparently hard to find and most of them are exclusive to Walgreens only.

While I will certainly be hunting down the Disney villains lookbooks by e.l.f. and the Kiss nail kits, I figured I would do my own Disney villains series of different hair, makeup, nails, and fashion tutorials! And I'm starting it off with my Cruella de Vil inspired nails. :) Enjoy!

What I used:
- Sally Hansen nail polishes in red and white
- e.l.f. black liquid eyeliner with a felt tip

How to:
- Paint all of your nails red except for your thumb. Let dry.
- Now, paint your thumb with the white nail polish. Again, let dry.
- Finally, use the felt tip of the liquid eyeliner to create Dalmatian dots on your thumb.

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