09 October 2013

Bath & Body Works Fall Favorites

It's a love story for the ages, Bath & Body Works and myself. We have a bond no other can break. A tale as old as time that makes my wallet angry, but hey, Bath & Body Works has some amazing scents. Their newest autumn scents are out and I picked a couple goodies plus one I brought out from my stash for the autumn season.

Vermont Honey Apple
Out of all the new fall scents, this one is my favorite! It's great as a go-to while being out and about during the daytime, as a work body spray, or even to keep in your school bag. The apple smells fresh and succulent with the lightest hint of flowers and honey. Although, it's probably a little too sweet as a going out, nighttime scent.

Amber Blush
You know how I said the Vermont Honey Apple body spray is best as a daytime scent? Well, this one is going to be a great autumn nighttime scent. Amber Blush is reminiscent of their Twilight Woods in its crispness and hint of autumn scents (earthier tones) as well as the sugary scent that can be found in Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
No fall scent collection is complete without a little bit of pumpkin! This one came out last year but it's still a great autumn scent that just envelopes you into pumpkin and spice. It's like having a perfume version of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Marshmallow Fireside
I'm a sucker for Wallflower scents, those little pods of super scented oil that is warmed by a wall plug-in to make an entire room smell lovely. I have a huge stockpile in my closet, but, I couldn't resist when I smelled Marshmallow Fireside. I prefer more masculine scents with bergamot, spice, sandalwood and other such scents but this Wallflower is the perfect balance of sugary goodness and smokey notes.

There are other Bath & Body Works scents worth mentioning that happen to be wonderful for this time of year:
  • Twilight Woods: Like mentioned earlier, it is crisp with a light hint of leaves and earthy notes.
  • Dark Kiss: A sultry scent with musk, gardenia, and other heavier blooms.
  • Spice: For you guys who also love scents with a bit more of an exotic kick, Spice is perfect.
  • Pumpkin Apple: Bringing together the two biggest scents of fall into a blend of yummy.
What are some of your favorites, nerdettes? It doesn't have to be Bath & Body Works, just scents you adore during the changing of seasons! :)

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