25 September 2013

Style Inspiration: DC Comics Work Wear

Finding the right outfit for work can be tricky depending on where you're working and what is allowed. For some, there is a strict dress policy while other places might have a much more relaxed and lenient office. I tried to include both sides of the spectrum in this Style Inspiration and hopefully there is a good mix! This week is all about some of the kickass women of the DC universe.

If you'd like to recommend a Style Inspiration, please feel free to contact me on my Polyvore or send me an email at stephymercedes@gmail.com. Thanks!

Work Wear Inspiration: Zatanna

Work Wear Inspiration: Wonder Woman

Work Wear Inspiration: Catwoman

Work Wear Inspiration: Hawkgirl

Work Wear Inspiration: Black Canary


  1. Such clever outfit ideas. I love the Hawkgirl one.

  2. This is really cute! I love all the sets, but I have to agree with Cazz and declare Hawkgirl as my favorite!


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