11 September 2013

Roar! Toy Fossil Dinosaur Head Bulletin Board DIY

You've probably seen this DIY on Pinterest or practically every corner of the Internet. Everyone seems to be going crazy over toy animal pin boards, stands, and practically anything else in home decor and I can't lie, I've been bitten by the cutesy pin board craze as well.

Maybe it's because people are buying these animal tubes left and right for their own crafts or they don't make as many anymore, but it was difficult for me to find quality plastic animal toys for my own bulletin board. Then I found these fossil dinosaur heads and the light bulb went off.

Without any further ado, here's a DIY on how to create your own toy dinosaur head push pins and pinboard. It's actually quite cheap, quick, and easy to do. Have fun!

You will need:
- Plastic toy dinosaur heads
- Metal thumbtacks
- E6000 glue or a hot glue gun
- Canvas board/Corkboard (Mine was 9x12)
- Green spray paint

Step One:
You will need to file down the backs of the dinosaur heads, preferably with an electric sander. This will help the backs of the thumbtacks to really stick on the dinosaur heads. Leaving the backs unsanded is another option, it'll just be harder to put the tacks on.

Step Two:
Time to glue on the thumbtacks! You can use E6000 glue or a hot glue gun. I used E6000 because it's much stronger and can take the wear and tear more than hot glue. Let them sit over night so they are really secure.

Step Three:
Now it's time to spray paint the canvas board a dark green color. Find some newspaper to put underneath the canvas board and then start spraying away! Remember to get the edges, too. Let it dry overnight and check up on it to see if there are any missed areas that need to be touched up. Don't worry about being consistent with the color, it's good to have a camouflage looking effect.

And that's it! You can start sticking the dinosaur pushpins into the canvas board and using it for whatever you want. I think it's best as a gift for kids or for people who never wanted to grow up. :P You can find links to product recommendations below as well as the type of fossil dinosaur heads I used (affiliate links).


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