08 September 2013

Polyvore Picks: Nerdy Inspired Homecoming

Hello, nerdettes! I'm starting up a brand new series called Polyvore Picks. There are so many awesome girls and guys on Polyvore creating sets inspired by all of our favorite fandoms and I want to be able to showcase them in different posts on Nerd Allure. While Style Inspiration posts will be stuff I've created on Polyvore, this is going to be a collective from the community. If you'd like to be part of Polyvore Picks or have any recommendations, send me a message on Polyvore!

To kick it off, I'm doing a collection of geeky and nerdy inspired Homecoming outfits selected from some of my favorite people on Polyvore and I threw in one I created myself. Which one is your favorite?


Meg by fofandoms featuring a chiffon dress

Princess Zelda


Marceline - Adventure Time #3

the riddler night out

Rose Tyler



  1. It was hard to pick, but I think I like the Marceline look the best! But I love what you chose for Leia, too!


  2. I love the riddler look. So green and so much fun.


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