27 September 2013

Nerdgasm: Ye Olde X-Men fanart, Let's Play MGS5, Bob's Burgers+Game of Thrones

Please bear with me as I switch around the themes of certain on-going posts on Nerd Allure. Nerdgasm is turning into a link love post instead of focusing on just one nerdy and interesting thing every week while my Nerd Rants will be every other week. Thanks! :)

Ye Olde X-Men Fanart
What do the Medieval Ages and X-Men have in common? You'd think absolutely nothing, but illustrator and painter Nate Hallinan thinks otherwise with his incredibly awesome ye olde X-Men art! Jean Gray, Professer Xavier, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Storm, and other mutant favorites have been made over as medieval fantasy heroes in these highly detailed illustrations. Can someone say cosplay inspiration?!

Let's Play Metal Gear Solid 5
Okay, I know I totally said I wasn't going to watch any demos, previews, or let's play videos before getting MGS5 and so I totally failed at that. But! This previews shows us Metal Gear fans just exactly what kind of Snake Kiefer Sutherland will sound like and the first mission in the game.


Of House Belcher
A Twitter buddy of mine linked me to a picture of a Bob's Burgers/Breaking Bad mashup and I got the idea to try and find a Bob's Burgers/Game of Thrones mashup to reply back with. Then I found something EVER BETTER. It's all quotes from Game of Thrones (and through that, sometimes the books themselves) over screenshots from Bob's Burgers. It's amazing.

Geeky Painted Coins
Ever wanted to know what a Leela coin would look like? How about the Bride of Frankenstein? Well, wonder no more and check out this nifty Tumblr, Tales You Lose, where the artist paints coins with geeky and nerdy inspired characters.

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