21 September 2013

Mini Haul! Forever21, H&M, Target

This past week has been pretty hectic for me, mostly thanks to school. A lot of papers and quizzes are all coming up at once and between that and work, I've been a teensy bit (okay, a whole lot) stressed and decided to blow off some steam with a mini retail therapy session. Here's what I got!

H&M Fox Hat
 I found this hat and it immediately reminded me of Firefox! Maybe I'll do my own Internet browser outfit. :P

Forever21 Peanuts Sweater Dinosaur Crop Top
Nerd Allure Forever21 Peanuts Sweater Dinosaur Top
Yeah, these were totally impulse buys. I love the Peanuts gang and I love dinosaurs!

Target Cat Dress
Target Cat Dress
Finally, I found this incredibly adorable cat dress! I'm amassing quite the collection of cat related clothes, might have to do a Cat Lady lookbook. ;)

And that's it, just a mini haul of a few goodies. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, nerdettes.


  1. I love that hat! I also tried on the cat dress at Target a few weeks ago. Super cute! Hope retail therapy helped with your stress!

    1. Haha, the sales guy was like "I didn't even know we had this hat!" when I brought it up to the cash register, pretty funny. And thank you, I'm feeling a bit better about my upcoming tests now that I've studied my butt off this weekend.

  2. That Charlie Brown jumper is so adorable. I wish I had a forever 21 near me.

  3. I wish we lived closer. You are definitely my kind of person! :) These outfits are awesome and you ended up at my 3 favorite places.


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