09 September 2013

First Impressions: Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather

With autumn fast approaching, all of the fall colors are starting to show up in fashion and beauty. Bright oranges, rich reds, fading greens, and many others have been found in a lot of nail polish already. But there is something else popping up for Fall 2013: textured nail polish.

Matte, gritty, or leathery, all of these are making movements this autumn. Especially leathery looking nail polish.

In an effort to find Revlon's chalkboard nail duos (and because I wanted a Heath bar), I went to CVS and instead found these Color Show nail polishes from Maybelline that create a super matte effect that's similar to a leathery look. I'm always willing to try out new nail colors and designs so I picked up two shades.

Here's my overview--not quite a complete review--of the limited edition Vintage Leather line!

Even after immediately painting on one coat, the nail polish is already quite opaque.

It also dries insanely fast and makes it a great nail polish for when you're in a pinch and just need a quick color before running out the door. Just make sure your brushtrokes are consistent or you'll see lines appear.

Here it is with a glossy topcoat. The leathery look of the nail polishes are covered up by the topcoats, so it's probably best to keep them bare for that textured look. Although, Vintage Violet looks rather gorgeous with the topcoat.

I like the quality for the price (around $4.99), the very quick drying time, and the effect that the polish creates. Try to avoid glossy top coats unless you really like the colors of the nail polish line and don't mind hiding the textured look. What do you think?

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