30 September 2013

DIY Robb Stark Varsity Jacket

You've probably seen this pic floating around the Internets by the very talented artist Mike Wrobel.

As soon as I saw this picture of Robb Stark, I knew I needed that jacket. It's a Stark varsity jacket. STARK. VARSITY. JACKET!!1!1

Most of the other characters in the series (you can buy prints on Mike's Society6 website) have obtainable clothing, it just means lots of sifting and searching in vintage and thrift shops. But, this. This jacket is entirely different and I just had to create it. And so I set off to do exactly that.

A month or so ago, I got a black and white varsity jacket at Forever21. It's not the exact same one Robb is wearing in the pic but I wanted to get the main colors correct above anything else.

Next was to sew on the embroidered patches. Robb has the direwolf and the letter 'S,' obviously. Awesomely enough, there is a very talented embroiderer on Etsy who is selling most of the major houses of Westeros as sew-on patches! And a bunch of Attack On Titan and Pacific Rim patches, too. (That's going to be a later DIY!)

Her Etsy store is called TooSmallMargin and it's insane how much precision and attention in detail she puts in her work. I picked up the Stark patch for about $14.00 including shipping. The 'S' I found at a local Jo-Ann Fabrics for about .50 cents or so.

Now it's time to sew the patches on! Or, if you want to go the no-sew route, you can use fabric glue or iron-on the letter embroidery. The direwolf patch is not iron-on friendly, though. Line up everything and voila! Your very own Stark varsity jacket.

I'm not the best model but you get the idea! :P I believe the exact same varsity jacket can still be purchased at Forever21, the main fabric of the jacket is a felt while the sleeves are a fake white leather. The rest of my outfit is a combination of jewelry from H&M, boots and jeans from F21, and my t-shirt is from Target.


  1. I've always loved those GoT prints. And I love your jacket. Looks great!

    1. They're insanely cool. Bran's Professor Xavier shirt is just too good, haha. And thank you! It was a fun project. :)


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