04 September 2013

DIY Cersei Lannister Inspired Statement Necklace

It's really no secret that I love Game of Thrones. After seeing the second season I decided to buy the entire A Song of Ice & Fire book series GOT is based off of and read all five of them in a matter of seven months. Not even exaggerating, I tore through those books. With that said, I had this bright idea to create a collection of Game of Thrones inspired jewelry because I also enjoy jewelry making. One of the first pieces I've completed is inspired by Cersei Lannister.

While the Lannister colors are red and gold, Cersei is known to wear hints of green to really bring out her bright green eyes and that is where I drew in the most inspiration for my emerald green statement necklace. And now, I'm going to show you how to make it yourself!

You will need:
- 4 or 5 emerald green baubles
- Gold jump rings
- Gold chain
- Gold eyepins
- Jewelry fasteners (Or a premade necklace chain)
- Small clear and bronze crystal beads
- 3 jewelry pliers

Step 1:
Placement. It's good to see where everything will fall into place. For mine, you can see the necklace drapes like a chandelier with one bauble in the middle and the rest underneath it. You can choose your own placement if you want, though.

Step 2:
Joining everything together is going to be the biggest part of this entire DIY. Take one of the eyepins and thread it through a bauble then stack one brown and one clear bead as spacers while using the eye side to connect other baubles to the gold chain with jump rings. Jewelry pliers are your best friend!

Step 3:
Finishing touches finally. You can now connect everything together and add a lobster claw or any type of fastener to complete the necklace if you didn't use a pre-made necklace chain. I'm actually going to be switching to a lobster claw soon after trying out a circle fastener. You can also adjust the chain as necessary for the length you want by cutting the chain with jewelry cutters and measuring the length from your neck.

And voila! A beautiful statement necklace inspired by everyone's favorite queen to hate, Cersei Lannister. This also means you're ready for any future Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere parties because obviously you can't be too ready. ;)

If you'd like to reccommend any geeky/nerdy inspired DIYs, email me at stephymercedes@gmail.com and pitch anything you'd like to see done. I'll try my best to recreate them!


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