14 August 2013

Style Inspiration: X-Men

With the recent teasers for X-Men: Days of Future Past trickling out since San Diego Comic-Con, I've been pretty pumped for the movie. It's one of the most popular story arcs in the comic's history, cast members from both the new movie and old movies are returning, and oh, PETER FLIPPIN' DINKLAGE AS BOLIVAR TRASK. Then there's murderous robots, too. What's not to love?

So, for this week's Style Inspiration I decided to make casual outfits inspired by some of X-Men's leading ladies. Like that segue I did there?

Casual Style: Storm

Casual Style: Jean Grey-Phoenix

Casual Style: Emma Frost

Casual Style: Psylocke

Which one is your favorite? I personally like the sets I did for Storm and Emma Frost. And of course, you can always find the rest of my sets on Polyvore. See ya soon lovelies!

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