06 August 2013

Style Inspiration: Community

I'm going to let you on a secret: I've only recently started watching Community. Despite being late to the party, I am hooked. I've been power watching Season 3 at the moment and also can't wait for the newest season even if Donald Glover is going to be only in a handful of episodes.

Regardless, as part of the Back To School series here on Nerd Allure I thought it'd be appropriate to do some style inspiration based off of Community. For these sets, I took inspiration from two of the leading ladies: Annie and Britta. And just so you know, you can request style inspirations by emailing me at stephymercedes@gmail.com or messaging me on Polyvore. Enjoy!

Little Annie

Annie's style is all about being feminine while also showing that she's a go-getter with her more perfectionist and do-gooder look--essentially, her style reflects a majority of her personality. She dresses in a lot of cardigan-dress combinations on the show, although sometimes she will do a layering combination of skirt, cami, and cardigan. But one reoccurring theme always returns: bright and feminine patterns. For this particular set, I found this flowing dress with a hot air balloon pattern to be absolutely perfect.

And let it just be known now that I am totally and firmly in Camp Jeff/Annie. Sorry not sorry. ;)

Girl Power by nerd-allure featuring a breton stripe shirt

Britta is all about being rebellious and self-righteous, even if it means being wrong sometimes (or a lot of times and just pulling a Britta). This easily reflects in her fashion sense. She doesn't care about looking absolutely perfect or super feminine, but rather opts for a relaxed, punk girl vibe. She also likes to wear shirts that are normally simple patterns or colors, like the one in this set. Also, leather jacket and boots! These are essential for any Britta inspired outfit.

Which style do you want to rock? I honestly can't decide, I think they both have great fashion sense, but I'd probably do a Britta look for a first day of school outfit.

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