30 August 2013

Nerd Rant: This WikiHow On Dating Nerd Girls

Oh, WikiHow. You're a source of endless entertainment, both unintentionally and intentionally. To be fair, there are some very useful tutorials on the site if you look hard enough. But, there are certainly some ... interesting how-to posts on there. Okay, some of them are really freakin' stupid.

This one, though. This WikiHow post is all about how to woo a nerdy girl. Let that sink in.

Say What?
I will say, some of the advice is sound. Things like "show interest in her own interests," or "go to a comic book convention with her" will probably woo a lady geek, but do we really need a WikiHow on that? Just switch around a few words and this could just as easily be a how-to on picking up sporty chicks ("Show interest in exercising, go to a CrossFit class with her") or some other variation.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: while I certainly do love to play games, read comics, and other geeky things, I also like doing yoga, going out to the bar, thrift shopping, and Nutella. You can decide if Nutella is being used a verb or noun there. But in all seriousness people--even nerdy girls--are multi-faceted and it's just good manners to get to know someone you're interested in by trying out their hobbies and vice versa.

So, what's the big deal? Why does it matter that someone wrote this Wiki post? The post lists a bunch of stereotypical nerd girls such as the otaku, the table top gamer, science nerd, and so much more that are old and tired cliches. Take a look at this quote: "If she spends all day and night working on or planning out her science project then she is a science nerd." Or this piece of wisdom, "...sit down and watch your favorite Star Trek rerun together while whispering words of love into her ear (in Klingon!). Do anything to get involved in her life." Puh-lease. We all know sporting the Riker beard is where the real magic is.

I get that practically any sort of information can be found online, even how to make toast or boil water. Go ahead, Google it. But, here's some advice on dating and wooing nerd girls: listen, be caring, and treat us like, you know, people. I'm pretty sure it'll work. And if not? Well, you didn't get this information from me.

Regardless, Internet wisdom seems to be simple common sense and I guess if someone finds something useful out of that wisdom--like the WikiHow post, for example--then who am I to say what's right or wrong? But of course, it's still humorous to see a huge how-to article on how to properly capture the interest of a stereotypical nerd girl when all kinds of people have varied interests, likes, and dislikes that make everyone different.

What's your two cents, guys?

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