12 August 2013

Going Red For Autumn

Sometimes you don't need a major breakup with your boyfriend or some other traumatic event in your life to trigger a change in your hair do. Like for me, it has been around four or five years since my last radical change (I'm not counting my bangs from last summer because that was a fiasco) and I wanted something new and fresh and fabulous for fall. And so I had my hair dyed.

This is my hair before the big transformation. It was a mousy brunette/blonde combination that was my natural hair color. You also get to witness my cringe-worthy bangs.

And here is the color I am now...

Compare that color to my brunette/blonde I had for far too long! The hair stylist did an amazing job and it really compliments my skin tone, although you really can't tell in the picture since it's cloudy out. I also picked up a Paul Mitchell color treatment kit so the red doesn't bleed out as much. I will for sure be doing a review of the products and how well they hold up my new red locks!

Anywho, it feels great to have a new color going into fall. How about you guys, any big hair or beauty changes for the changing seasons?

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