21 August 2013

DIY Pink Bunny Ears Necklace From Bob's Burgers

In my collective haul the other week, I picked up this cute, tiny bunny ear charm necklace from Love Culture. Then, I had this crazy idea: a quick DIY to pay homage to Louise from Bob's Burgers.

If you don't watch the show (which you totally should), her iconic pink bunny ears shouldn't fool you. She's a ruthless little lady and look! Kristen Schaal, the voice actress for Louise, has been spotted sporting the ears in real life. My necklace immediately reminded me of Louise and I knew I had to create the ears. And the best part? This is a very, very, very quick and easy DIY that can be done in an afternoon. So, don't have a crap attack and let's get started!

You will need:

    Step 1:
    To make sure the necklace isn't moving all over the place while you're painting it, use some pieces of tape to secure the necklace to a flat surface. Also, make sure you put paper underneath the necklace so you don't ruin your table!

    Step 2:
    Take your pink nail polish and either dab a little bit on a cotton swab or use a tiny paint brush to start applying the color to the charm. Try to keep the strokes consistent and put on a couple coats so the color really pops.

    Step 3:
    Let it dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Best enjoyed with a plucky and sassy attitude and a hamburger.

    If you're a Burgers fan, who's your favorite character? How about your favorite episode? (Mine happens to be the one where the kids do independent study). Let me know! :)

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    1. Ok... this is the coolest thing ever. Totally making this one. I love Louise.


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