25 July 2013

Finding My Nerd Voice

Do you remember the exact moment you would forever be a nerd? There is always that part of our childhood where we just knew this is something we wanted to be a part of, despite being stuffed into a locker because of it.

Hey there, my name's Stephanie (Steph for short) and my first nerd moment that I remember vividly was with the Power Rangers. I got to meet the Pink and Blue Ranger in a McDonald's parking lot while dressed up as the Pink Ranger. The Blue Ranger even shook my hand! That was the highlight of my five-year-old year, but there would be a bigger nerd revelation a few years down the road that would change everything.

Yup, that's me dressed up in a bad ass Queen Amidala costume for Halloween, even though I now understand the New Trilogy isn't exactly, ah, my cup of my tea. But, horrible writing aside, Episode 1 just switched something on in my brain from "tomboy girl" to "nerdy tomboy girl." I watched the remastered Star Wars VHS tapes until they were starting to warp, my grandpa would take me to flea markets to sift through bins to find old 70's and 80's Star Wars toys while I impatiently waited for birthdays and holidays for the new toys.

From there, it was an immediate plunge into nerdom. I also became obsessed with Ancient Egyptian history and dragons, then I discovered Lord of the Rings, role-playing games, and space. Not just space where starfighters duke it out, but the space beyond our own planet and there was a brief moment in my childhood where I wanted to become an astronomer but then concluded I didn't want to learn even more math. Regardless, there was no turning back.

On the flip side, I also enjoyed extremely girly hobbies such as playing with make-up and fashion. I mean, check out that awesome ear cuff and Star Fleet shirt I wore for the Star Trek: Into Darkness fan screening. Yeah, totally livin' the life.

But, how can you make two opposites come together in the perfect balance? Well, I certainly wasn't sure how to do that when I was younger, but I think I finally have a handle on it and think a lot of other girls have been able to do the same successfully. And that's how Nerd Allure started up. This blog is all about the nerd girl lifestyle. Beauty, fashion, comics, games, and yes, even work and life.

I'm a freelance writer by trade, helping businesses and people find their voice. While I still enjoy doing this, I want an area where I can write and talk about the things I'm very passionate about and want to be able to share those passions with you guys. So, welcome to Nerd Allure!

Here's the social media stuff:

See ya soon lovelies!


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    1. It was a showing of Into Darkness the day before its official release, got a limited edition poster out of it and the theatre wasn't crowded.


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