26 July 2013

Check Out My Polyvore!

If you didn't know, my Polyvore has been up and running before the blog and then I finally decided to stop being a pansy and begin writing on my blog. What's a Polyvore, you ask? Well, you're in for quite the ride! (Or not, if you know what it is).

Polyvore is a wonderful place full of unicorn magic and dreams. Except the unicorn magic is social media and the dreams are collages you can create of outfits and stuff. There also happens to be a pretty big community for "fandom fashion," or people who like to create outfits inspired by their favorite fandoms. I did a lot of Game of Thrones, obviously. But there's also a geeky assortment and some video-games thrown in there, too. I also follow a lot of wonderful ladies and gentlemen who create similar collages (called "sets" on there). What I'm saying is: you should follow me.

Why is this all so important that it needs its own blog post? Because Polyvore is serious business. Not even just srs bizness, it warrants a complete and correct spelling of those words. Sure, I have a Twitter and Instagram and practically a profile on every single major social network, but I really enjoy procrastinating on Polyvore and want to share this addiction with others. So now you know.

That's all. Have a great weekend!

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